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Our Latest Reviews

Angelalweaver55 4 days ago

All American Plate

Love jimmy's so much, when my father passed away and he heard the news he refused to let us pay on our next visit. I've been there so many times and All-American is the best classic I always get. Love to go in and see the same staff who know us and ask how my siblings are. Community is so important and it helps their business so much! <3

Tina1968wolfe 7 days ago

1st Timer Plate

Best food in the town of Rochester. No matter what we buy we're never disappointed we love lots of items in the menu. Great food. Amazing customer service!!!

Mandjlapinski 17 days ago


Very filling, but I could of eaten another one

Kayla 20 days ago

Chocolate PB

My favoritr milk shake ever!

Benita 20 days ago

All American Plate

My first visit here, and let me tell you this food does not disappoint!! Come hungry because the portions are huge! Delicious food, when i return to this part of town i know my first stop will definitely be Jimmy Z's!

Bobd64422 21 days ago

Full Plate

Best plate around!!! Trashes other area Garbage Plates!!!!

Seanpeacock1221 24 days ago

Piece of Cake

Best Milkshake on the menu!

Catey M 24 days ago

Mac Salad

They have the best Mac salad. And no onions!

Catey M 24 days ago

Barbie Q

Insanely good. Everything about it, especially if you need a non-spicy alternative

Amber 26 days ago

Fresh J's

It's hard to pick a favorite at Jimmy's. Everything is so good! The staff is always wonderful and the atmosphere is engaging! The Fresh J's is a great go to for a little spice on a great burger, add a side of waffle fries or mac salad and your good to go!

Aizzakelly 28 days ago

All American Plate

Perfect every time!!! Definitely the best! I never pass up a chance to get some jimmyz 💜

Tonymayes21 30 days ago

Full Plate

Lived in Brockport when Jimmy opened and now live 225 miles away but make this trip frequently for a plate and a pint of meat sauce to take back with me. LOVE every single visit as Jimmy makes everyone feel like theyre at home when you walk through the door

Bhendrick0118 about 1 month ago

Chicken Fingers

I had the jimmy fingers dinner with a side of Mac salad! It was all very delicious and a great portion size, I shared with my daughter and still have left overs from last night! Quick fast easy pick up for a Friday night. I am very satisfied!!!

Alex about 1 month ago

Half Plate

I live in Jamestown now but will still make the time to go here just for this when I'm home ❤️

Iloui1 about 1 month ago

Bird's the Word

Such a delicious sandwich! The flavors blend together well and it tastes amazing!

Jenn about 2 months ago


This is the best thing in the entire world

Jayy53 about 2 months ago

The Eiffel Tower

Order every time I go here easily the best thing on the menu!

Sswish8800 5 days ago

Roaster Wings

Ordered wings for pick up tonight. First time. They were ready when I arrived, cooked perfectly, and we're delicious. We have found our wing place in Brockport!

Metal 10 days ago

Taco Tortilla Bowl

Had It, Loved It, Will Had again and again!

Thake1 19 days ago

French Fries

Holy smokes! I've tried so many of their foods but their salt and vinegar French fries are by far my favorite!! I've never heard of flavored fries until Jimmy Zs but man it's a brilliant idea! Strongly strongly recommend getting these with a milkshake. Perfect late night snack

Gary 20 days ago

All American Plate

Regular at Jimmy Z's. The plates are what you cone here for, then you try a Firecracker, or any of his burgers, and you're hooked.

Rebecca.Pinckney45 20 days ago

Mac N' Chz Bites

Literally the best mac n cheese bites I've had in my entire life. Jimmy Zs puts a fresh spin on every delicious food item you could want. By far the best restaurant in the Rochester area in my opinion!

Emilydelacruzx3 23 days ago

Fruity Pebble

This is literally the best milkshake I have ever tried. The cereal in the milkshake is still crunchy making it taste so much better ! I am addicted

Catey M 24 days ago

Roaster Wings

Super good and amazing price. Wings were great size and crispy. Got the garlic parm and loved them

Catey M 24 days ago

Full Plate

The best plates in this area for sure.

Metal 26 days ago

Roaster Wings


Joshua 27 days ago

Fire Crackers

BBQ sauce with bleu cheese....this is why Jimmy's will always be my favorite place!

Smiller14559 28 days ago


Great food, great prices and even BETTER Customer Service. This place is awesome. Great ice cream, as well as FROZEN Custard!! Wish i had found this years ago! Great place to grab some food and ice cream

Tanna "The Tax Lady" 30 days ago

Taco Tortilla Bowl

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this dish!!!

Pepsipoint007 about 1 month ago

Full Plate

Ordered this yesterday! Amazing. Other then a slight mistake, I ordered a hot and a burger but received 2 burgers! Other wise wow!

Cdorso about 1 month ago

Princess Plate

The "plate" is an iconic Rochester culinary tradition like no other. Somehow, Jimmy Z's improves upon an already-perfect dish. Their sauce is absolutely the best in the city, hands down; the perfect mix of spice, heat, and flavor. Plus, it comes in multiple sizes, so you can eat a small one at lunch and still be a functional human being after you're done! Five stars out of five, ten stars out of ten. Whatever your rating system, this is right on top.

Mickayla about 1 month ago

Pot of Jimmies

Delicious and affordable.

Kevin about 2 months ago

Fish Fry

I abstain from meat on Fridays because of my faith. But I feel like I'm not really sacrificing much because Jimmy's Fish Fry is so heavenly! From the fish, to the fries, to the slaw it is so good, and reasonably priced. Best garbage plates from miles around as well. Kevin