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Ssutton0206 10 days ago

Full Plate

Hands down the best plates! I recommend them to literally everyone and tell them it is worth the drive. The staff is amazing and always super friendly! The meat sauce is the best meat sauce i have ever had!

Ladym42 17 days ago

Mac N' Chz Bites


Cpetronio13 22 days ago

Chocolate PB

My boyfriend and I frequent Jimmy's all the time! On of our favorite things to get with our meal is their milkshakes. Once we found out you can combine different flavors together it was an absolute game changer! We mix the chocolate peanut butter with the cookie dough ice cream and it's probably the best milkshake you will ever have! Cannot recommend their milkshakes enough. We've talked them up so much that family from out of state made a trip to Jimmy's during their stay just for the milkshake (and plates of course!)

Grhall7625 29 days ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

I love Jimmy Z's! They have great hours, great prices and great food! They have wverything from awesome garbage plates to awesome milkshakes. The service at Jimmy Z's is impeccable, ive never waited longer than 5 minutes for my food which is impressive because they are right in a college town! Would recommend!

Abbey2367 29 days ago

Half Plate

The food is always fresh and taste amazing! They have amazing service and prices for the amount of food. Every time I get a half plate I am stuff eating just half of it but I save the other half for lunch or dinner the next day!

Michael about 1 month ago

Full Plate

Best garbage plate in Rochester!!!

Clove3 about 1 month ago

1st Timer Plate

Awesome plate! I'm from Syracuse, NY and wish we had something like this In the 'cuse . Never disappoints!

Mhafler about 1 month ago

Princess Plate

I can never finish the bigger plates so it is the absolute perfect size with all the delicious of a garbage plate! I did Mac salad (classic) and tator tots (best tots ever) with cheese burger and of course the meat sauce and onions. I could eat this literally any day and every day!

Newyorkwoman75 about 1 month ago

All American Plate

my favorite plate there is ...great service also

Madifiorello about 2 months ago

Full Plate

Tried this for the first time a couple days ago... I've already been back two times! The food is amazing, you have so many options to chose from, you get big portions and it's all for a small price! I will go back every week now!!

Kyderr about 2 months ago

Full Plate

I am amazed of the quality of the food. The great atmosphere, the kind service, and the general fun here. I make it a point to stop by whenever I can. And even though I moved away, I come back just for this. Jimmy and Papa make me feel welcome.

Goldsworthy about 2 months ago

Princess Plate

Perfect size for people who dont have a big appetite. Jimmys mac salad and meat sauce are sooooooooo good!

Justinkendrick23 2 months ago

All American Plate

Offers everything you could ever want. I have been a garbage plater for as long as i can remember. Originally i was basic and kept things original with the cheeseburgers, mac salad, potato and meat sauce. I tried the all American once and never want back. You get the comfort of the cheeseburger, the taste of Rochesters own red hot aka the best hot dog on the planet, and the chicken fingers is a surpise but is delicious. The 3 proteins, mac salad and the carbs from the potatoe with a generous topping of meat sauce to put the icing on the cake. We have of southern comfort meals all the time, this is my Western NY, hometown comfort meal. One a week, month or year you never can get sick of this.

Jlstrong8 2 months ago


This is a perfect blend of my favorite things. It's always a nice treat when we eat at Jimmy Z's. It is high quality food, made fast, for a great price! I highly recommend you try the Jimbozilla!

Amandamazzucco1 2 months ago

Fire Crackers

Firecrackers are my absolute FAVORITE thing to get (aside from a cheeseburger plate of course). They're pizza logs dipped in sauce (I get country sweet sauce) and a side! I put mine on top of Mac salad and it's absolutely amazing!! I love me some jimmy Z's

Mldonovan1 2 months ago

Garbage & Wings

Always consistently DELISH!

Askusagain 2 months ago

Fresh J's

It was awesome! Who would think of that? Well I'm glad Z's did!! And their plates are better than Tahoe's!

Ajones7199 2 months ago

Full Plate

Not my first time here and 100 percent will not be my last. Best plate in the roc and worth the drive even from East Rochester

Svanorsdale 2 months ago

Barbie Q

The Barbie q brings Texas to your tastebuds with a touch of brockport! I get extra cheese!

Conrod77 2 months ago

Full Plate

The best and ONLY place to get a garbage plate. In fact everything that i have ever eaten there is absolutely delicious. I am a dispatcher and whenever i have a tech in the area, i always tell them to go to Jimmy Z's. They always say they love it and will be going back.

Kconsaul 17 days ago

Full Plate

Full Garbage plate was amazing. I have had many garbage plates but Jimmy Z's is by far the best. The quality and the price go hand in hand. Trust the hype trust Jimmy Z's.

Sassybtch74 17 days ago

Barbie Q

I requested the Chicken fingers to be flavored country sweet and They were so tangy. Topped with Mac salad, fries and cheddar cheese, Add some blue cheese and it was amazing. This is my go to meal. Large is enough for me to make two meals out of it.

Aricon25 25 days ago

Fish Fry

The best fish fry that I have ever had. I can't believe that I ate the whole thing.

Kryan052290 29 days ago

Fresh J's

Had it for the first time last time i went it, instantly became one of my favorites

Itsamandamarie about 1 month ago


So amazing. I've had a lot of poutine at a lot of different places and this is by far my go-to. It's never soggy like most places and it has the perfect amount of all of the toppings. An order you won't regret!

Itriedtotellem about 1 month ago

All American Plate

Full garbage plate a month ago for first time, and I'm getting another one tonight. Best plates in the 585 no doubt, me and Jimmy also had a great convo when I went there about business, great guy. -Aaron

Popbenz about 1 month ago

Full Plate

Will drive from Albion to Brockport, just for this plate. Call before we leave & it's ready/fresh by the time we get there! Portions are perfect & definitely more than 1 meal for me. Combinations are versatile, but the ol standby of 2 cheeseburger, tots & double mac salad (yes, it's that good!) topped with everything (ketchup, mustard, onion, meathot) can't be beat.

Jordanalves1212 about 1 month ago

Barbie Q

Excellent mix-up on the classic garbage plate, especially for those who like barbecue food

Kam76 about 1 month ago

Barbie Q

The Chicken Barbie Q is a great combination of bbq crispy chicken fingers piled on top of mac salad and French fries. I get mine with tator tots. It's delicious everytime!

Megpangrazio about 2 months ago

Roaster Wings

Never have been disappointed. Wings are always cooked exactly the way we ask😊😊

Kim about 2 months ago

1/2 Fish Fry

Melt in your mouth! Terrific taste and portion. Nice crunch to the batter and plump, flaky delishiousness in the filet. Yum!

Lhuffman369 2 months ago

All American Plate

I have eaten here many times over the last decade and the food never disappoints! Not to mention their super tasty milkshakes for a dessert

Samhollenbeck33 2 months ago

Garbage & Wings

Jimmy Z's staff is always super polite and welcoming every time we come. Day or night we're always greeted with a smile. Best garbage plate in town, the meat sauce is by far the best tasting not too spicy either. Burgers are always freshly made and the cheese is nice and melty. The wings were crispy, and sauced extremely well. Definitely 10/10 recommend to try this next time you go!

Ka 2 months ago


So good. Got a half size portion. Was surprised how much food was included. Definitely worth buying. Will definitely get again. It's a plate with a ton of my fave foods covered in gravy and cheese

Ryang 2 months ago

Pot of Jimmies

This is my absolute favorite dessert!! When I first got it, it just looked like ice cream but when I started eating it I was surprised to find a cone full of sprinkles in the middle!! I LOOOVE sprinkles!! Now every time I go to Jimmy Z's I can't leave without getting a Pot of Jimmies. Sometimes I'll get it for my dinner... Haha!! I highly recommend this item but be warned... You WILL get addicted!!

Rowelltayler 2 months ago


Favorite place to go for a burger and fries! And don't forget the milkshakes... amazing flavors and they are so thick and delicious!!

Drew 2 months ago


Hell of a late night move! So good

Elizabethsmith4610 2 months ago

Fire Crackers

This place is seriously amazing! It has the best garbage plates in the world. The fire crackers are phenomenal and the sauce just tops it off. 🔥🔥 I love coming here. Sometimes it gets a bit crazy but it's so worth the wait.

Tommy 2 months ago

All American Plate

Best plate there is, period.

Wbenmiller 2 months ago

Barbie Q

Buffalo BBQ hybrid plate is the best thing I've eve me eaten. Went to school up here for 4 years. Still go back just for this place. Everything changes but the Zs!!! Best place in town


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