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Amandamazzucco1 5 days ago

Fire Crackers

Firecrackers are my absolute FAVORITE thing to get (aside from a cheeseburger plate of course). They're pizza logs dipped in sauce (I get country sweet sauce) and a side! I put mine on top of Mac salad and it's absolutely amazing!! I love me some jimmy Z's

Mldonovan1 7 days ago

Garbage & Wings

Always consistently DELISH!

Askusagain 7 days ago

Fresh J's

It was awesome! Who would think of that? Well I'm glad Z's did!! And their plates are better than Tahoe's!

Ajones7199 10 days ago

Full Plate

Not my first time here and 100 percent will not be my last. Best plate in the roc and worth the drive even from East Rochester

Svanorsdale 11 days ago

Barbie Q

The Barbie q brings Texas to your tastebuds with a touch of brockport! I get extra cheese!

Conrod77 12 days ago

Full Plate

The best and ONLY place to get a garbage plate. In fact everything that i have ever eaten there is absolutely delicious. I am a dispatcher and whenever i have a tech in the area, i always tell them to go to Jimmy Z's. They always say they love it and will be going back.

Ambam1 17 days ago

The Eiffel Tower

Absolutely crazy and surprising burger. You can try to have it whole or deconstruct it. The chicken fingers were on point and so were the fries. Good for after late night out.

Mrskyleepeters 18 days ago

Princess Plate

OMG, Jimmy Z's has the BEST garbage plates! I like the princess plate with a cheeseburger, mac salad and tots and everything on top so i have room for a shake too ;) Their meat sauce is delicious and it's what makes their garbage plates #1. My kids and I love the fruity pebble and cinnamon toast shakes. They taste like nostalgia in a glass! Try anything on the menu, you won't be disappointed!!!

Tmnicoletti8 20 days ago

All American Plate

Best PLATE ever!!! I have been coming here since I was a teenager and even left Jimmy a YouTube review on how much I loved his plates.. since I've been older and tried MANY plates in the Rochester area.. NONE of them are as good as Jimmy Z's. So many other options as well!!! Including vegetarian. 10/10 recommend 😊

Marcus 28 days ago

All American Plate

Easily one of the best garbage plates this side of the Genessee.

Bhendrick0118 29 days ago

Roaster Wings

Crispy and delicious!!!

Bhendrick0118 29 days ago

Mac Salad

Always have to order a side of this deliciousness every time. It is very good and made the same every time!!

Bhendrick0118 29 days ago


Basic burger but always cooked to perfection!!!

Bhendrick0118 29 days ago

Princess Plate

A perfect size and always delicious!!

Natekdog77 about 1 month ago

Mac N' Chz Bites

The Mac N' Chz Bites come out nice and hot. When you take a bite, everything is just right. The taste is amazing, and there is just the right amount of texture and crunch to make you want to get them every time you're in the area!

Billsfan8321 about 1 month ago

Full Plate

Best Plate around! I have been a frequent customer since they opened. They have great food and great customer service.

Savonnichele95 about 2 months ago

The Eiffel Tower

Never been much of a burger fan, but the Eiffel Tower burger has got to be the best burger I've ever had in my entire existence. If you're coming here for the first time and you want to try something different yet delicious I highly recommend this burger!

Hoagie924 about 2 months ago

Chicken Fingers

I get these anytime my friends and I get Z's. They're big, saucy and delicious.

Taman14411 about 2 months ago

Texas Hot

Definitely a new favorite place for a plate!!!! Highly recommend this friendly staff and wonderful owner! Really make you feel right at home.

Ryang 7 days ago

Pot of Jimmies

This is my absolute favorite dessert!! When I first got it, it just looked like ice cream but when I started eating it I was surprised to find a cone full of sprinkles in the middle!! I LOOOVE sprinkles!! Now every time I go to Jimmy Z's I can't leave without getting a Pot of Jimmies. Sometimes I'll get it for my dinner... Haha!! I highly recommend this item but be warned... You WILL get addicted!!

Rowelltayler 7 days ago


Favorite place to go for a burger and fries! And don't forget the milkshakes... amazing flavors and they are so thick and delicious!!

Drew 9 days ago


Hell of a late night move! So good

Elizabethsmith4610 10 days ago

Fire Crackers

This place is seriously amazing! It has the best garbage plates in the world. The fire crackers are phenomenal and the sauce just tops it off. 🔥🔥 I love coming here. Sometimes it gets a bit crazy but it's so worth the wait.

Tommy 12 days ago

All American Plate

Best plate there is, period.

Wbenmiller 12 days ago

Barbie Q

Buffalo BBQ hybrid plate is the best thing I've eve me eaten. Went to school up here for 4 years. Still go back just for this place. Everything changes but the Zs!!! Best place in town

Cremmel1396 17 days ago

Fish Fry

The fish fry is amazing!

Brennandkuhn 19 days ago


Best burgers in the Rochester area!

Lcase 25 days ago

Mac Salad

Jimmy has the best Mac salad. It's delicious and I eat it year round.

Mbotwin99 28 days ago

Mac N' Chz Bites

These are so good, my favorite late night snack ever!

Bhendrick0118 29 days ago

French Fries

The fries are always cooked well and taste so good!! Crispy yet soft perfect for kids meals!

Bhendrick0118 29 days ago

Chips N' Chz

Great price for the amount and very tasty! I would try them again

Bhendrick0118 29 days ago

Pizza Logs

Also crispy and delicious!!! Such good quality of food!

Donna about 1 month ago

Fire Crackers

one of my favorite items to get! Love them with buffalo mild and the tater tots (best tater tots around!)

Mccarthykaren40 about 1 month ago

Fish Fry

Love the friday fish frys.

Nsarratori25 about 2 months ago

Barbie Q

I spent a lot of time in college at Jimmy Zs and continued to go when I began working in the village. I absolutely love the Barbie Q! Best combination of food I've ever had!

Ashepherd121 about 2 months ago

Full Plate

The best plate I've ever had, will always be my favorite place to get a garbage plate!

Averyrockoww about 2 months ago


Jimmy Zs has the best poutine that I have had. The cheese is melted perfectly and the gravy is just enough to where it's not too much. It's great! I recommend it to everyone!

Sarah 2 months ago

Full Plate

Its the best plate in all of Rochester. From the burgers to the best meat sauce, this place has it all. No other place I'd rather go to get a plate.


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