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Speck 20 days ago

White Lightning

This review is for the ice cream of this flavor! - For most of my life I've been a "vanilla please" with chocolate or peanut butt or whatever additives of the moment, never really liked chocolate ice cream not even as a child (can see your horrified expressions) This is amazing! Its extremely dark chocolate with just the right hint of mint swirls running through it! Take it from the former "just vanilla please" gal. Try it!! You never know, you might just be the next one addicted!

Emily about 2 months ago


Another one of my Boyfriend's favorites! I'd be lying if I said I didn't steal some! 😎

Emily about 2 months ago


Need a little boost of caffiene and sugar to get you through your wonderful food-coma? This is it!

Emily about 2 months ago


This is one of my boyfriend's favorites!

Emily about 2 months ago

Full Plate

Jimmyy Z's is life! His meat sauce is amazing! Jimmy squad assemble! Why are there not more good reviews?! Can we make a fan club yet?

Emily about 2 months ago


Absolutely FANTASTIC! My only wish is that I could eat here more often 😍

Hann.Kell2 2 months ago

Fruity Pebble

order every time

Guest 3 months ago

Chef Boyarzee

Pretty ok

Guest 3 months ago


life changing

Marshall.Zachary04 3 months ago

Fried Pickles

Okay guys, so get this. Some dude was like, "Yo I got these pickles here." And some other dude goes, "Yo lets make those little boy-os more american" and the first dude was like, "yeah? how are we gonna do that dawg?" and the second guy goes, "deep fry those puppies." This is the story of how you were turned on by nothing less than Americanized pickles

Marshall.Zachary04 3 months ago


This dish is basically the greatest. it is as if Jesus himself blessed this potato, gravy, cheese dish into existence. 10/10 would recommend. if you don't try it your a chump.

Guest 5 months ago

Roaster Wings

Best wings in Brockport by FAR

Cjrs13 28 days ago

Vanilla PB

This milkshake is the BEST!

Emily about 2 months ago

Root Beer Float

Very generous portions for all shakes! Yay Jimmy Z's!

Emily about 2 months ago

Garbage & Wings

Do it! Just get some Jimmy Z's NOW! What are you waiting for?!

Emily about 2 months ago

Princess Plate

You THINK you only want this much. You want me. Portion size is great and all but let's be real, you need this and more of it!. It's too good!

Emily about 2 months ago

Mo Nachos

This is what I crave when I crave nachos now. So good!

Speck 2 months ago

The Eiffel Tower

This is so much better than just the sum of its parts! I always ask for extra extra crispy on the onion rings n fries and they come out perfect! I like that Jimmy Zs will do a good job of cooking to picky specifications! Or extra picky. Pleasant even when busy at least in my experience. Been a customer for over 5 years

Arthurvogel59 3 months ago

Roaster Wings

Well worth the money. They are always very meaty and the sauce choices are fantastic. I have never been disappointed

2213williamsk 3 months ago


It was the best sandwich with gravy o.n Top chicken tender,it comes with tator tots but I asked for fries ,top that with cheese and gravy...slice of heaven. the milkshakes extra awesome.

Marshall.Zachary04 3 months ago

Chicken Fingers

some days i just wait until it rains so that i can sob without people knowing. However, i have recently stopped this practice thanks to Jimmy Z's Chicken Fingers. They have changed my life forever and have helped lift me out of this depressive state. My family and I thank you for giving us our life back.

Marshall.Zachary04 3 months ago


FOODGASM. yes you read that right! Sure, that may seem inappropriate or quite possibly extreme but I assure you that is the only word strong enough to describe this beautiful dish.

Speck 3 months ago

Texas Hot

If you dont know what a Zweigles hot dog is, you've no idea what you're missing!

Katvillamil7 5 months ago

Cotton Candy

Honestly you need to try this. It's the best shake ever made and it's where? Right in brockport! This shake is sweet and savory. I was joking about the savory part but it's delicious!!! If I could have three everyday without gaining 10 pounds I would. THE BEST SHAKE EVER!