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Our Latest Reviews

Jhaselkorn5 about 1 hour ago

All American Plate

The best in the game

Ray 2 days ago

All American Plate

We used the food truck for my sons grad party.......we had plates and shakes on the menu and I mean they hit a HOME RUN! It was soooo good my wives cousin used the food truck for their sons grad party a few weeks later!

Amberlynnfish 3 days ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

We ordered a ton of food tonight for our family. Neither of us felt like cooking and we both immidiatley played rock paper scissors on which one of us would us take the trip from Hamlin to Zs!! Food was absolutely delicious. Long story short all 4 of us are happy as can be in food comas lol. Best munchies around. Thanks for outstanding service and food!

Rrbest29 7 days ago

Fruity Pebble

My father an I get this almost every time we love it!! We have had the food truck at different events we have been to and we get others to love it also!

Goofey1203 15 days ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

Amazing best bacon cheeseburger I've ever had

Lisa 16 days ago

Garbage & Wings

Had a hard time on what to order from the menu this visit because I have never had a bad meal from Jimmy Z's. This time I settled on the garbage and wings 1/2 plate. Was not disappointed!!! I tried their buffalo Cajun sauce on the wings and to say the least it was amazing! as well as the garbage plate. Absolutely love their macaroni salad! You will never leave Jimmy Z's hungry. Their portions are huge! My husband and I make a special trip to Jimmy Z's at least twice a month... always worth the trip!

Redianthus 21 days ago

Princess Plate

This is perfect for me. Delicious!

Pyoun5 23 days ago

Dr. Feelgood

The burger with waffle fries, bacon, and nacho cheese is insane. It's the only thing that I ever order.

Christine 23 days ago

1/2 Fish Fry

My Mom and Dad live in Webster and absolutely love the fish fry here.. They started out sharing a fish fry but decided it was so awesome that now they're both getting their own! Delicious fish and fries and the macaroni salad and cole slaw are great! I highly recommend it!

Brandonkamm 29 days ago

1st Timer Plate

Absolutely amazing ! By far the best plate ive ever had and the service was amazing as well .

Kasialanaa about 1 month ago

Fire Crackers

The firecrackers are beyond amazing. My friend told me to try them one night, I did & it was the best choice I've ever made.

Carla0813 about 1 month ago

Barbie Q

This is my second time trying this plate, and it didn't disappoint! I've tried others, but this is my favorite. Staff was very friendly, and the prices are reasonable..

Travisfinger about 1 month ago

Fresh J's

Seriously Amazing! 1000% My Go To Menu Item!!

Erica Bushell05 about 2 months ago

Half Plate

This food is so amazing! I love getting a half plate with French fries, a burger and Mac salad. On days I'm feeling crazy I ask for a fried egg! I only get these when I come to NY and I absolutely love them. A side of country sweet to top it off!! We need more of these across the states! Come to OKC!!

Erica about 2 months ago

Princess Plate

The princess plate is the perfect size for me! Mac salad, fries, country sweet chicken is my favorite combo!

Seanmaggiebruno3 about 2 months ago

Fish Fry

Every Friday I pick up Jimmy Z's fish fries for my family- always fresh-always delicious! Prompt and friendly service:) Can't beat it!

Haydencomanches85 about 1 hour ago

Pizza Logs

Jimmy Z's has the best pizza logs in the whole entire universe. So good.

Ksilsby983 2 days ago

Cali Burger

Delicious. Had different veggies in it and want to have again. Like that it was easy on my stomach. Will definitely get it again

Kelli3 7 days ago

All American Plate

Let me tell you what's important, America, and Jimmy Zs, when you have Mac salad and tots and you throw 3 cheeseburgers on there it makes you feel like you're George Washington riding across the Delaware River on a giant boat made of delicious garbage plates, god bless Jimmy Zs

Justinb64532 15 days ago

All American Plate

A ton of food. A ton of good food. A ton of great food.

Kieran 16 days ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

Could eat this every day for the rest of my life. Best burger in Brockport.

Nolinhuntley97 19 days ago


10/10 every time. If I stop into Z's, it's right to the jimbozilla. Highly recommend and It will always be a go to. It's the perfect amount of "strange" foods put together, that just compliment each other so nicely.

Bhendrick0118 21 days ago

Jimmy Fingers

They are so delicious especially in sauce of your choice!!

Dlnano53 23 days ago

1/2 Fish Fry

Absolutely delicious. Batter perfectly fried to nice crisp. Cant go wrong getting anything from JimmyZ's Debra

Ahynesfisher58 27 days ago

Barbie Q

Just when you thought that nothing could begin to rival the original plate. They had to go and make this which not only rivals a plate but in my opinion is just as good!

Sophiarose8809 about 1 month ago

Full Plate

Love love LOVE garbage plates from here, only place i will go for one! Amamzing staff and even better food. Jimmy zs will always be my favorite

James.Marrocco1 about 1 month ago

Roaster Wings

Best wings in town!

Joeliscool99 about 1 month ago

Half Plate

Best plates in New York no cap >:)

Pjr443 about 2 months ago


We've been coming to Jimmy Z's since my daughter was in a car seat. She just graduated high school. Jimmy's never disappoints. The meat sauce is amazing! Get an extra side to dip your fries in!

Jonathoncmiller about 2 months ago

Full Plate

Best garbage plate in the state! #foreverZ's

Erica about 2 months ago

Jimmy Skins

These are so delicious and a perfect snack! If i want to turn it into a little meal i add the pulled pork on top 😍

Kd2dyw about 2 months ago

Barbie Q

This combination of flavors, textures, and colors makes for a mouthwatering explosion! Get this - get a large.


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