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Our Latest Reviews

Alessaundrar about 17 hours ago

The Eiffel Tower

Jimmy z's always has the best food, customer service and hours!

Maranda 4 days ago

Full Plate

Jimmy Z's has the best plates (and all the other food) in the 585. Everything is always cooked perfectly and their staff is so friendly. Not to mention their awesome dog, Axl. I have never had an issue with Jimmy Z's and I'm sure that if I did, they would help to the best of their ability!

Kekena711 5 days ago

The Eiffel Tower

This is one of the best burgers I have ever had in my life. Every time I crave a burger, Jimmy Z's is the first place that comes to my mind, and The Eiffel Tower never disappoints me. It's literally a Fat Kid's dream in Burger Form. I've been coming here for 2 years and best believe I'm going to continue to come until I Graduate.

Eliza 6 days ago

Chicken Barbie Q

This is one of the best plates at Jimmys. Have been getting it for many years and rarely switch to a build-your-own plate. Absolutely LOVE

Ashley 9 days ago

Jimmy Fingers

Every time I go to Jimmy Z I have to get an order or two of jimmy fingers! These are the best chicken fingers I have ever had and no other place compares. Their bbq sauce and country sweet are my favorite! Whenever I am in the mood for chicken fingers I always go right to jimmys. They are the perfect size, crunch, and sauce. They also come with a huge amount of crunchy warm French fries! You cannot beat the price or quality of this meal! You will not be disappointed!

Emily 10 days ago

Fat Farm

The best burger in Brockport, always cooked to perfection!! 👌

Keishararose 11 days ago

Jimmy Skins

The jimmy skins were absolutely amazing from the amount you get down to the price you pay. definitely getting your moneys worth!!! Went with friends had to bring the whole family to try them! Love this place

Kevin.Bentivegna 19 days ago

Cali Burger

Had one for the first time today. Delicious, and easy on the stomach.

Kvane862 20 days ago


Garbage plates aside, this is my favorie meal from Jimmy Z's. Its a loaded take on an all american classic. By far my favorite dish!

Alafe1 1 day ago

1st Timer Plate

This is a great first timer plate. Has a little bit of everything!

Lenihansydney 5 days ago

Battered Mac Salad

The best Mac salad I've had in a while. Always find myself craving it!

Itsallsodifferent 5 days ago

Full Plate

It was absolutely delicious . i mean utter heaven. It's always worth the wait as i live in rochester and visit friends in brockport once or twice a month. The seasoning on the home fries is perfect. It just melts in your mouth. Its almost a whole diffetent experience than the potatos. Crispy , but not overdone. The cheeseburger was amazing. You can tell its real cheese and the meat is cooked perfectly, never burnt. and the mac salad rivals only one other person in my whole life. 1! And i'm 37! . now for the best part, the meat sauce. In all my years , no one has ever got it right. So my expectations werent super high when i first got a garbage plate. I was astonished. It was hot enough to accomplish the kick i was looking for, without burning my tastebuds. And there's other flavors in it. It's almost savory. I truly enjoy it. Sometimes i ask for extra lol. Jimmy Zs opened while i was at suny brockport. He is a wonderful person on top of a successful businessman. Ive suffered with depression and anxiety since i was 13 and jimmy has always been so very kind to me. Knowing when i was in a slump or worse. And its that feeling that he makes everyone feel welcome and special, no matter what kind of day they're having. That feeling of belonging, fitting in....even if just for an hour. I remember him feeding thanksgiving dinner to those of is who couldnt go home that year, without any moment of awkwardness. He's truly a great person and serves both tummys and spirits,

Anthonympolizzi 8 days ago

Cali Burger

This was by far the freshest and juicy veggie burger I have ever had. After having it couldn't stop telling all my family members how great it was. Will definitely be getting this on a weekly basis

Jordanburrell123 9 days ago

Dr. Feelgood

Best burger ever

Ajgudonis 11 days ago

Chicken Barbie Q

It was excellent, one of my favorites and the bbq sauce with the Mac salad is amazing! Always a good meal at Jimmy Z's

Quartnieackerson 12 days ago

B-Lo Barbie Q

It's the perfect dish when you want chicken wings and something a little more. It's gets all your cravings for the perfect comfort food.

Kyle 19 days ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

Get it on a pretzel roll and add 3 buffalo dipped mozzarella sticks..... A-MAZING

Asiaspencer53 21 days ago

Roaster Wings

I love these wings. They are cooked perfectly..