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Kendall 8 days ago

Mac Salad

Hands down the BEST Mac salad I have ever had. I always get it as a side when I come eat here. It's my absolute favorite. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed!!

Bambam7175 11 days ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

Stopped in for a quick dinner while visiting the college, So glad we did! Such a great atmosphere and food was delicious! Will definitely be back next time we are in town!!

Aaron 20 days ago

Fruity Pebble

I was in a few nights ago i got the cheeseburger plate and a frutiy pebble milk shake i was the best combo of all jimmy meathot is tye best around and the mac salad is amazing i always eat here when i come to brockport and the shake was amazing.

Mbotwin99 24 days ago

Barbie Q

The best garbage plate around, I have it all the time! Good.

Time3pk 27 days ago

All American Plate

Lived in Rochester practically my whole life and I anytime I leave, this is the restaurant I miss the most. Clean, friendly and the food tastes great. Jimmy Z's will always be a part of "home" for me.

Michelle 29 days ago

Pot of Jimmies

I love how many sprinkles come in this dish. Fast service and good food.

Amenzeoronsaye about 1 month ago

Roaster Wings

They have some of the best wings i've ever tasted. If you are a huge wing fan, Jimmy Z's is where it's at!!

Cwein2 about 1 month ago

Princess Plate

Great choices of food to add into any plate. Not from rochester but the food is awesome. 🤙

Scheergenius about 1 month ago

Pizza Logs

Amazing sauce flavors on the pizza logs! I eat mine with bleu cheese, Delicious!

Crauril about 1 month ago

Full Plate

I'm a SUNY Brockport alumni originally from Buffalo. I travel to Rochester a few times a month for work and make it a point to stop at Z's on my way home after every trip. It's become a tradition at this point and I've even gotten a few coworkers to fall in love with the plates as well. BEST garbage plate in the greater Rochester area and it's not close. Full cheeseburger plate with mac salad and home fries topped with meat sauce, onions and mustard is the way to go. Even after graduating and moving 60 miles away, I'll always have time to RUN2Zs.

Ryan about 1 month ago

Dr. Feelgood

Love the dr feelgood always add a pretzal bun its my favorite

Danny about 2 months ago

Spicy Black Bean

I love black bean burgers!! Jimmy Z's has one of the best. An excellent vegetarian option.

Olivia about 2 months ago

Princess Plate

Hands down the BEST PLATE IN ROCHESTER!!! One thousand times better than Nick Tahoe's and the owner(s) are so friendly! I would never go anywhere else.

Meloon5 about 2 months ago


I love poutine in general but I love the poutine here the best. 10/10 will be back again. Also I love Axl the dog.

Onaleesortino about 2 months ago

All American Plate

I've had almost everything on Jimmy Z's menu at this point, and even created some things that aren't on the original menu! I love how you can customize anything, and the plates really can't be beat. Jimmy Z's has always been one of my favorite places to go to, and I've now moved away but every time I come back to Rochester I have to make a stop there. Jimmy and his father are also amazing people, and I wouldn't want to bring my business anywhere else.

Rach722 2 months ago

Pizza Logs

I love pizza logs so it's usually the first thing I go for when I see it on the menu. They were so crispy and delicious! Going back for more later today!

Mayaneeley98 2 months ago

Princess Plate

Best place to get a garbage plate in the area and the staff are awesome! The PB&J milkshake is the best!!

Jhaselkorn5 2 months ago

All American Plate

The best in the game

Drewster10999 9 days ago

Jimmy Fingers

Fingers were great. Loved the hot sauce too.

Peters 12 days ago

All American Plate

Jimmy z has always been my favorite place to eat all the food is great and there is always something new to try

Mnj14103 23 days ago

Jimmy Fingers

Living in a college town is great for foodies with diverse establishments and food. A brockport staple is Jimmy zs compared to others you get a lot of food for a reasonable price. My go to is the jimmy fingers with waffle frys and i also get a large side of waffle frys with nacho cheese. Every time i get delivery the food is piping hot like getting it there never a cold meal.

Mallory 26 days ago

Fried Pickles

These pickles are literally to DIE FOR. if you are a pickle lover, you need go try these! they are coated with batter flavored with dill and are in spears and not chips (which makes all of the difference). i can eat these for days and never complain.

Plucknette83 27 days ago

Princess Plate

Got 2 and they were delicious perfect if you don't have quiet a big appetite for the large plate . Daughter always buggy to come at least once a week

Slee9 about 1 month ago

Full Plate

Jimmy Zs is a sanctuary of happiness. The food is amazing and perfect and amazing. Their garbage plates have significantly altered my life's journey for the better. I love you Jimmy

Laceybubblewrap about 1 month ago

Full Plate

Best plate ever. Best meat sauce ever. 'Nuff said!

Shanestarinsky about 1 month ago

The Eiffel Tower

Great variety of delicious food that compliment each other. Ordering one of these makes my Monday night football experience ten times better!

Bridget about 1 month ago

Barbie Q

great plate for a reasonable price.

Ibrim1 about 1 month ago

Princess Plate

Honestly no matter what you order on this menu you'll be happy. It's good ol' Rochester comfort food at its finest right in Brockport. Perfect for lunch or late night eats. I won't get garbage plates anywhere else.

Primesr105 about 2 months ago

All American Plate

Great food very flavorful Im always pleased with the great service I receive and the shakes are excellent.A good family friendly restaurant as well.

Tierney about 2 months ago

Roaster Wings

Best wings in town

Rob about 2 months ago

All American Plate

I made it a 3 cheeseburger plate with mac salad for my side. Everything on that baby plus nacho cheese. My go to order every time i go. Can never go here too much cause the menu is excellent, and even picky eaters will find something! Come on down and give it a try, or if your a regular thanks for keeping this great business here in brockport. GO ZSSSSSSS

Rmoskv about 2 months ago

All American Plate

I met jimmy and his father when I first moved to Brockport 2 years ago, two amazing people who are passionate about what they do and make the most amazing food!! Highly recommended!!

Guest 2 months ago


Love this!

Metal 2 months ago

Pizza Logs

Buffalo Cajun is a favorite. fresh celery, carrots and blue cheese complete this Delicious snack. thumbs up!

Mrees3 2 months ago

Half Plate

After trying most garbage plate places in my area, Jimmy Z's has consistently stayed at my top choice. Not only do they have amazing garbage plates, but they also have my favorite Mac and cheese bites and Jimmy fingers. If I had to recommend a place to eat to anyone, it would definitely be here. They have amazing hours, service, and extremely nice workers.

Haydencomanches85 2 months ago

Pizza Logs

Jimmy Z's has the best pizza logs in the whole entire universe. So good.


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